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anatomy of a panic attack


I drink all my problems away. I don’t wanna remember anything, I don’t wanna remember how I’m feeling right now because right now I feel worthless as fuck


B&w depression blog *trigger warning*
Anonymous: I've been cutting for 7 months now and i chose to go to boarding school because I thought it might be a healthier environment than my current home and I really want to get better. But I'm worried I won't be able to get better by myself at a new school. I'm thinking about getting help but that would require telling my parents about my cutting. And I'm terrified not to mention my mom thinks cutting is just kids wanting attention. I'm so lost. 

I think its lovely that you want to get help for yourself. Boarding school could be a nice change in your life. And if you’re scared to tell your mom, then maybe you should give boarding school a little while. I’m sure you’ll make friends fast. And then you can talk to them and get close to them and then eventually they can help you. But if not, then telling your mom is gonna take a lot of courage. My advice is to just sit down with her and explain to her how you have been feeling and how and why it made you start cutting and that you want to get better and I’m sure she will understand and be supportive. Good luck with everything and I’m always here if you need it! Stay strong

Anonymous: i relapsed yesterday and when I had to go to school I had my sleeves up because I had totally forgotten and I think my friend noticed but I don't know and I'm literally freaking out. (And no I didn't show my scars off for attention) 

Ugh I used to do that by accident when I cut too. Don’t freak out to much about it though. Unless your friend confronts you about it. And if they do, just explain what you want to, and if they don’t understand or are mad at you, they aren’t a true friend. Don’t stress over it. I hope it all goes well. Xoxo

Anonymous: Well, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog and oddly (or not) found it uplifting. It's 2am and I'm on the third page of results for suicide notes. Life is... well you know this monster and his forest. If I look in the mirror long enough though sometimes something happy sparkles deep down in there - maybe, just maybe everything will end well. Accept an anonymous virtual bro-fist and congrats since 2012 

Thank you so much. I’m sure it will end well (: it will for all of us. Thank you so much (:


christmas is so much worse as you get older it’s like “what do you want this year?” “a sense of purpose”