Maybe the reason
they say that
“sometimes I think I’m born backwards”
Is simply because
Pain feels like heaven,
instead of hell.

-// “Pain feels like heaven to me. Cause it’s so good. Like I’m on cloud nine.” (via prettysuicidal)


I want to start all over. I hate who I am. I hate what I allowed to happen throughout my life. I hate what I let myself do. I hate myself. I fucked up. I deserve this torment. I just want to start all over.


trigger warning

I am good, but not an angel, I do sin, but I am not the devil.
 —marilyn monroe
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Panic! At The Disco - Collar Full
I don’t like myself, you know. I love myself, of course. I’m devoted to myself till my dying day. But I don’t like myself.

-Lestat (via laurencombeferre)